Listening to your music

You all did a great job on the homework. Here are a few examples that I especially liked.


Original File #1 (2:22)

Original File #2 (0:45)

Mixed File


Mixed File


Mixed File


Mixed File

김지후 & 노영선

Original File #1 (0:00)

Original File #2 (0:00)

Mixed File

Intro to Max7

Max7 is a visual programming language. You can write a program that makes music by drawing a picture. Today I will demonstrate how to make a simple program.

First, download Max7.

Then, open the program and follow me as we build the below program.


Homework (due 3/29)

Improve the program we wrote in class, then make a recording in Audacity. Your recording should be approximately 30 seconds long. Export the audio to a .wav file, and upload the audio to the LMS.