Do this now

Download the Syllabus.

Install Audacity. This program will allow us to do basic editing of sound files.

Do this as a class

Download these two music files and listen to them. No Church in The Wild - Kanye West, Jaz Z - Watch the Throne La Escena Phil Manzanera - Guitarissimo 75-82

In the beginning of No Church in The Wild, you can hear La Escena. This is called sampling, a very popular technique in modern music. We can recreate this in Audacity, and we will today in class.

Do this in pairs

One example of sampling is again Kanye West. You can use this site to find more fun samples.

Stronger - Kanye West

Harder Better Faster - Daft Punk (look around 2:00)

You can download these tracks from youtube. Try to recreate the beginning of Kanye West’s song from Daft Punk.

Do this on your own

(Homework for next week, due before class on 3/15 )

Choose a song you like and create a short piece by using samples. If the song you like is on youtube, you can download the audio.

I would suggest mixing together a drum track and a ballad - that is the easiest combination to make. Think about the time signature too! If the ballad is 3/4, you need a 3/4 drum track.

Once you finish your piece, do File -> Export Audio. Save the audio as a .wav file and email it to me with your name and your partner’s name. My email is

Here is an example of what I expect from you. Arirang + Drums