Midterm project - due May 8, 11:59pm

Expand upon the Blackjack game to include betting. The player starts with $10 and the computer always has at least $10. The player can place a bet before they play a hand. If the game is a tie, the computer wins. Your game should look as follows.

What is your name?

Mark has $10
Computer has $10

How much will you bet?

Mark got
7 and 3
Do you want another card (Y/N)
Mark total = 16
Do you want another card (Y/N)
Computer player got
9 and 7
Computer Wins $10
Mark Loses $5

Mark has $5
Computer has $15

Play again?
How much will you bet?

Once you finish the basic version, add bonus features.

To submit, upload your code to github by making a new repository. You will only submit a link on the lms.