Creative Embedded Systems (Spring 2022)

Modules will be added as we go through the course. You may find the material from last year helpful as a guide. Note that the course has been slightly reworked from last year’s iteration of the course. As such, we will follow a different schedule, including in some cases covering different topics and assignments.

You can find the syllabus here

parts list

Module 1

Generative Art

ESP32 TTGO T-Display demo (probably should re-record this one - until then, be sure to watch the whole video. there is a bit of non-linear storytelling here)

Soldering batteries


Module 2

Interactive Devices

Soldering header

Serial: Arduino->Python

WebSerial Visual

WebSerial Visual (Three.js)

WebSerial Audio

Module 3

Kinetic Sculptures

Module 4

now an ungraded, in class activity

Module 5

Final Project