Computational Sound (Fall 2022)

Modules will be added as we go through the course. You may find the material from last year helpful as a guide. Note that the course changes year to year, including in some cases covering different topics and assignments.

you can find the syllabus here

Module 1: Audio DSP (3 weeks)

Demo: Basic

Demo: Basic with slider

Demo: Listener with slider


Homework 1

In-class activity: Sensation caused by two pure tones

In-class activity: Fletcher-Muson

Waveform visualizer

Peak Logger

Amplitude visualizer

Demo: Additive Synthesis

Demo: LFO + Additive

Demo: Amplitude Modulation

Demo: Frequency Modulation

Demo: Parallel Multi-Modulator Frequency Modulation

Demo: Serial Multi-Modulator Frequency Modulation

Demo: LFO + Frequency Modulation

Homework 2

Demo: Biquad (and FFT visualizer)

Demo: Loading files

Demo: Granular Synthesis

Demo: Allpass

Demo: convolution

Demo: 3D panning

Demo: Gain worklet

Demo: MIDI

Demo: Karplus Strong

Homework 3

Module 2: Live Coding (3 weeks)

Demo: Live Coding (Basic)

Demo: Live Coding (Pitch)

Homework 4: Live Coding

Module 3: Automated Composition (3 weeks)

Demo: Notes

Demo: randomWalk

Demo: Magenta

Demo: Phone Control

Homework 5: Automated Composition

Module 4: Audio Plugin Development (3 weeks)

Final Project

Final Project