Computing in Context: Computing and the Arts

Key Learning Objectives:

Other learning objectives:

Pre-context labs

Lab 2: coding poetry and poeticizing code

Lab 3: Generative Art v0.1

Lab 4: Geometry

Lab 5: Computationally Collaborative Creativity

Module 1: Visuals

In this module we use Processing to explore generative art and visuals.

Module 2: Audio

In this module we use Sonic Pi to explore live coding and audio.

Module 3: Machine Learning

In this module we use the text-to-image model called Stable Diffusion, and learn to fine-tune machine learning models.


Will any of this help me get a job?

Probably. In module 1, we work with While our focus is on generative art, this is has significant amount of overlap in the skill set used for data visualization (for example, the gorgeous graphics produced by the New York Times on a daily basis). In module 2, we tackle live coding - the performative practice of writing code in front of an audience. While the art aspect of live coding may not be widely “marketable”, having the confidence to write code on the spot (especially in front of people you want to impress - audience or employer) is critical to any tech job. In module 3, we work with machine learning - currently a hot topic in the job market.

More generally, hopefully through this class you will come to realize that any experience that you gain with computing (in any context) will be broadly applicable to many paths to gainful employment. Computing is a mindset and way of thinking more so than it is a skill set.